RAS- Pipeline has joined the “European Clean Hydrogen Alliance”

Monday, August 16, 2021

RAS- Pipeline has joined the “European Clean Hydrogen Alliance”, an EU forum bringing together companies, governments as well as civil societies in regards to hydrogen projects.
Since the German government decided to be climate-neutral by 2045, also small companies are more driven to dedicate to that target. Also, for RAS it does mean some adjustments on its path to reduce CO2 emission. This can be directly seen during the planning and acquisition of new machineries and material. But also, the entire work field is changing since hydrogen become more and more the fuel for the future. Its not only a change in the industry but a derivation of the original path from fossil fuel towards green hydrogen.
By signing the declaration of the “European Clean Hydrogen Alliance” RAS accepts the responsibility for a clean future and is driven to take part in development of technology as well as materials needed to transport hydrogen.
It is not change in activities but moreover a process which has shown already by many clients. Whether by means of newly constructed pipelines, already designed for hydrogen transport or rehabilitation of existing pipelines with a designated re-usage.
At the level of the European Union RAS is represented in the “European Clean Hydrogen Alliance” by Daniel Benscheidt and Andras Hake. Providing not only knowhow but also provide recourses in order to provide service upon request but also being part of the development process in order to allow a soonest transition to a climate-neutral hydrogen provision.
Already now, pipelines are tested in order to cover the expected growing demand of hydrogen and especially the home region of RAS the district Emsland is a future hotspot for green hydrogen activities. Whether electrolytic units in Lingen or the production hydrogen in windfarms like Fehndorf/Haren. Even transit lines are planned. An entire region in a technological change, forward looking.