Added value

Each day of the long service life, each gain from improved cost-efficiency, each benefit from trouble-free operation make the major investment in a pipeline a better deal. And we make sure of that: with RAS Service for cleaning, drying and maintenance - added value for pipelines.

Chemical and mechanical
pipeline cleaning

Pipeline cleaning is a job for professionals. The many different kinds of systems and the completely different types of soiling that can occur call for a lot of experience with the different possibilities of chemical and mechanical cleaning processes. Above all, though, deploying RAS pigs in the most diverse designs and applications demands expert know-how.

Drying of pipelines and stations
Residual water and moisture can have an extremely negative impact on the service life and cost-efficient operation of a pipeline. Hydrate formation narrows the pipe cross-section and thus reduces efficiency; formation of corrosion or hydrant deposits jeopardise operational safety and the service life of the pipeline. That is why RAS Service for drying of pipeline systems is so important.

Engineering for pre-commissioning service
For the planning and implementation of pressure testing, cleaning, drying as well as co-ordination of subcontractors in the implementation of intelligent pigs, RAS offers its clients comprehensive engineering concepts.