A company is only as good as the people who do the job. That's why the people on the RAS team are the best you can get. Experienced experts, highly qualified, motivated employees, engineers, technicians, workers, commercial managers. And all have one spirit - a single goal: to give of their best in order to achieve great things.

Our capable, motivated employees are the basis of our success. Because only experts and a team of experienced go-getters can handle projects of the calibre we are entrusted with every single day.

Highly trained specialists - mechanics, test engineers, process technicians, logistics experts - work in the RAS team, independently and responsibly, flexibly and autonomously, at sites all over the world.

Our company owes its good reputation to them. They are reliable. They deliver. They are full of ideas and energy. They make suggestions, and solve problems. Having a team like that enables us to stay close to our clients while also working at optimum efficiency. That's the edge we use time and again to prove that RAS is the right partner for our clients.